Kijang Innova

AutonetMagz – Based on the video just uploaded by Toyota and based on request from our readers, we will write the details and improvement done by Toyota for their newest IMV, the All New Kijang Innova. As not only you who wait for this car, as we also waiting for it, as the changes are considered as a revolutionary for a Toyota.

Let’s start from the exterior, from the front, this is the first time the Kijang Innova will got a Projector lens headlight with LED in certain variant, a total improvement compare to the diamond cut applied to its predecessor for more than 10 years. Too bad the rear light still apply a normal bulb, not a LED like the Corolla Altis. Other new features equipped in this new model are the emergency stop signal who blink rapidly if the car brakes suddenly.

For the wheels, only the Q variant who get a 17 inch size, while the other one fitted with a different model 16 inch wheels. Just like Ford Fiesta EcoBoost, a light fitted below the side mirror to lighten the area near the cars door aiding the owner who are pocketing the car key entering the car, Toyota called it as a welcome light. The smart key are only available for the Q variant, along with immobilizer for the Q and V variant.

There is a huge leap from Innova dashboard design, as it equipped with an asymmetric design. What Toyota highlights more are the LED Illumination at the roof lining, this is good thing, as it successfully create an elegant ambiance just like Toyota premium line ups. At the video, Toyota also said that the new instrument panel and MID who looks like what fitted in Camry for the Q and V variant, so probably the G variant probably use the previous version model.

The new Innova steering wheel now filled with buttons, both for Telephone, audio, MID setting, etc. While the head unit look similar as other Toyota cars, but we still hope that the touch screen are quite responsive. One other features who attracts us, are the air gesture, but if the air gesture response like the Toyota Yaris, we suggest it’s not decent enough to be fitted, but if it more smooth like the BMW 7-series G11/G12, then it is worth to be use.

Other new features also fitted for this head unit, such as MiraCast, HDMI and DLNA to be connected with your latest gadget. It also came with Toyota Move apps, internet browser, and voice command. Looking at this feature, the rest of our job are to find out the quality of the sound and video, oh, by the way, the start/stop button are only available in the Q variant.

The AC for the Q and V variant, adopt an Auto mode and digital display, but the Auto power window for all window are only available for the Q variant. On the Innova Q shown in the video, we could see that the 2nd row seats are using a captain seat model with arm rest and cup holder besides it, but it still use a fabric upholstery. Too bad, we think, as if the price are like what rumored before, we do expect a leather upholstery at the interior. Other good news is, the one touch tumble access are still available to make ease the access to the 3rd row seats.

We do love Toyota new touch by adding a foldable table for the Q variant who could be use by the 2nd row passengers, it looks luxurious and functional. The rear seat of the All New Kijang Innova are designed to accommodate 3 people, but not like the grand New Avanza who the headrest are splits into 2 part, Innova headrest are not split, but only have a headrest bar at the right side.


LocationEast Java
Car typeEconomy
Max people5
Door count4
Minimum driver age22
Unlimited mileage?Yes

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